Saturday, January 12, 2013

*** What I Believe Love Is ***

          Love is an eternal feeling which drives a person or individual to believe someone undoubtedly. Love is an addiction in which the two individuals feel safe themselves at every place. 
You can't say that love is nothing but a waste of time. Because love creates faith, integrity, passion, creativity, kindness, and peace.

I really don't believe that anyone can hate in my opinion every human on the lovely planet earth has been once fallen in love. There are many people around the world who believes that love is an endless feeling of happiness. The love is only relation in which you can feel happiness, pain, jealousy, and so many other feelings too. Isn't this a mixture of feelings? "Yes it is".

I have also felt it and i can say none other feeling is better than this.


                                                                                                              - AmazingRh :)